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A New Guide ~ A New Medicine

At new year I was given the gift of Panda medicine to work with (I’ve yet to write a blog about this) which was a real calling for me to spend time in solitude, to look inwards, to be both peaceful and patient. But over the last couple of weeks I had felt increasingly that this time was coming to an end, that the time for action and new ideas was coming forth, and I wondered whether my time of being more Panda was coming to an end.

So last weekend I decided to do a Shamanic journey, a type of waking dream where I can seek guidance, to see what direction I might be headed in coming up, and if there was any different assistance I could call on for this new phase of life I feel I was entering in to.

The First Visit From Dragonfly

One of the first things that happened in my journey was a beautiful dragonfly coming to dance in front of my face.  Throughout the whole journey, it remained in the dance with me.

This included a crazy adventure of being eaten by a humming bird, being turned inside out, stomach first, and dancing on a mountain top!  Throughout it all, dragonfly danced in front of my face the whole time.

After the journey I told my friend Amanda about it, and also did a little research on Dragonfly medicine.

The Second Visit From Dragonfly

Three days later I was out for a walk, still about 10 minutes from the local nature reserve, when a beautiful dragonfly came and flew right in front of my face, before darting off. Rather than the iridescent light colour wings I’d previously seen on dragonflys, this one had wings of deep indigo-blue.  It was so unusual I actually Googled it when I got home to make sure it wasn’t a weird-shaped butterfly, but in fact, it was a Damselfly, of the dragonfly family.

Once again I told my friend Amanda about my experience with the Dragonfly.  So soon after encountering one in my journey, it seemed uncanny.

The Third Visit From Dragonfly

Yesterday, less than a week after my first encounter with Dragonfly, I got a message from my friend Amanda after she’d had a day out in a remote area with her family.

She said she had found something extra special for me, then sent me this picture of the Dragonfly wing she had come across on during her day out.

Just like the Dragonfly that had come to say hello close to the nature reserve in my town, it was a beautiful, dark, indigo blue.


What Can I learn From Dragonfly?

I’ve yet to get fully stuck in to my Dragonfly medicine experience, so it may be too early to fully tell!  But here’s a bit of what I do know…

  • Dragonfly reminds us to leave space for mystery ~ with beautiful, mesmerizing, prismic wings, he invites us to a place of altered consciousness, where magic awaits.
  • Dragonfly helps us to better understand our true self ~ by throwing light on the illusions of the logic of modern culture, he invites us to explore the hidden realms of our inner being, and the almost forgotten parts of our soul.
  • Dragonfly invites us to follow our dreams, to unlock our true potential ~ after beginning life in water Dragonfly goes through incredible transformation to reach his final beautiful state. Once reaching his full glory, he moves in every direction, while to the eye remaining perfectly still.
  • Dragonfly supports us in personal battles and goals ~ his swift movement, and airborne agility make dragonfly a formidable predator who is almost impossible to catch.  Don’t let his beauty deceive you, he is also one of the great warriors.
  • Indigo Blue of the Dragonfly wings is the colour of knowledge and intuition ~ associated with the Third Eye Chakra, Dragonfly’s indigo blue wings are a great reminder to spend time tuning in higher self, and our guides, to grow wisdom and understanding, as well as a greater sense clarity of direction…

…which I guess brings me full circle in exploring the time for action and new ideas coming forth.