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Lottie Moore

Lottie Moore

Looking beyond your limitations.


Who I Am

I am a Master Firewalk Instructor, and adventurer,  who believes in walking the path less travelled, which has taken me from living in Burkina Faso to summiting some of the highest peaks in the world.  All alongside the adventure of enabling others to step out of their comfort zones, to reconnect with their personal journey, intuition, and ability to succeed, as well as the natural world around them.

 My passion is to support others, from board room to VW Camper, to experience life beyond their limitations.  To enable them to take the leap into their extraordinary where they can enjoy personal freedom & success, adventure, AND inner peace.


How I Help

I bring a unique blend of Coaching, CBT & NLP, alongside personal experience, and mix it with a fundamental understanding that we are living in a world disconnected from nature, inner understanding, and openness.

I work with individuals and organisations that are seeking a better way to do this crazy thing called life, that are ready to show up and do the work to make success meaningful, satisfying, and fun.


What I do

Firewalk Instructor Certification Training

My goal is to train the finest Firewalk Instructors in the World.

Passing on my unrivaled expertise including – Spiritual Firewalk, Empowerment Firewalk, Fire Walking with children, and Fire Dance.

My training covers everything from types of wood, building a fire, preparing the coal beds, raking, tending fires, and protecting the ground, to firewalk safety, presentation skills, and workshop timing.

 I will give you as much personal experience with the fire as possible, and guide you through the process of becoming the best equipped, confident, capable and inspiring Firewalk Instructor you can be!

Reconnection Coaching

We are living in a world that is increasingly disconnected, from nature, from self, and from others, and it’s making us sick.

Reconnection Coaching supports ambitious businesses and individuals to keep their heads and bodies healthy, within the modern landscape, making success meaningful, satisfying, and fun…. Now offering coaches and changemakers the opportunity to train to offer Reconnection Coaching too.


Spiritual Leadership

At the heart of everything I do is my connection with spirit and nature, I’d love to support you to make that kind of connection through meditation too.

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My Journey

Just before 40

I was a broken woman.  Exhausted from years of Social Work and practitoner work & training in the NHS, I’d had enough.  I had allowed my self-belief to be ripped apart from a past abusive relationship, and I had lost all direction of me.

There was only one thing to do…. I headed to live in Burkina Faso, a weeny West African Country where I volunteered with an aid organisation, and, healed.  I reconnected with my inner fire, while learning so much from the people there, particularly the women.


Unplanned Unemployment

Just a few months unplanned unemployment on my return was enough to get me thinking outside the box of how I might earn a living, and my entrepreneurial career was soon born.

I helped friends start a charity, as well as training and starting women’s coaching, and speaking to share some of the rich secrets I’d learnt in Africa.



My first big mountain! 

As part of what I was doing with the charity I project managed a Kilimanjaro trek – we raised over £96,000, and as we faced some of the worst weather seen on Kilimanjaro in a 10 year period, we grew as individuals as well as a team.

My love for the mountains was born. Or maybe it had been there all the time but it had taken me this long to find it.

Women In The Mountains

I started running treks, just for women, in the Atlas Mountains as part of my business.

Witnessing the change in these women that allowed themselves to remove themselves from real life for a chance to reconnect with who they truly were, whilst connecting with mother earth, and of course each other, has always been an extraordinary experience.



Loving the difference taking people out of their comfort zone made, I trained as a Firewalk Instructor, but also felt increasingly unsettled, and dissatisfied with life.

My Dad past over, my daughter had major spinal surgery, people I trusted let me down, I couldn’t help thinking there had to be more to life than this.

Luckily, I found Peggy Dylan. It was only when doing my master training with her that I realised just how awful my initial firewalking experience had been, and was able to commit myself to creating more.


I Snapped

It was at the same time that I, quite literally, snapped.

I broke my leg in the mountains of Georgia, and after being flown home to undergo surgery, I had no choice but to sit with myself as my leg healed.

Whether you call it Kundalini Awakening, or self-coaching, or just plain showing up and doing the work, the end result were beyond my imagination.

My business took off to new and exciting levels, my personal happiness levels soared, and my self esteem flourished – I haven’t looked back!


The Journey Continues

Everyday I experience new revelations – learning, challenging myself, and staying excited about what is to come. 

I am constantly bowled over by the opportunities that come my way to enable others to explore their inner calling, and support them to take the big steps they may need to create the true journey they area hungry to be on.

I have constant gratitude for those that have supported me on this most incredible of paths, whether intentionally or not.  I am thankful that I am in a place where I can experience my own inner peace, and I can’t wait to immerse myself in every adventure yet to come.

Why don’t you join me?



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