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You May Be Small, But It’s Time To Play BIG

Whenever I see this picture of me out hiking it makes me think of The Eels song Flower, that starts ‘it’s a pretty big world God, but I’m awful small’.  It really reminds me how small I am. When I think of myself as part of the bigger picture I can often feel tiny, and quite inconsequential. But the reality is that connection to the bigger things is what makes me so important in the long run.



I’ve had a few good reminders over the last couple of weeks that playing small does not serve me, or the people around me.

Although it can feel scary, it is only by playing full out that we can truly experience our own potential, and that often takes time, effort, and energy.  It can be easy to fall into bad habits of not pushing yourself, not questioning yourself, and just cruising through life avoiding challenges….. Even avoiding hard work.

But being small doesn’t mean playing small is ok – and I intend to live that fully in 2020

I’m giving thought and attention over the next couple of weeks to things that I can do next year that will mean I have to think BIG, and will allow me to be performing to the best of my potential…. so I thought I would stop by and encourage you to do the same.

So far I’ve made all the arrangements for my most exciting retreat ever,  and I’m busy squirreling away to create some wonderful FREE resources for you folks too.

What Will You Do?

I wonder if any ideas jump to mind?.. I work with people like you all the time, people who are filled with big ideas (and big potential) who just sometimes need someone standing on the sidelines cheering them on, giving them an opportunity, or even giving them permission to stop thinking small, and start playing BIG... Sound familiar? So please do leave me a comment below to let me know what might be shaping up for you next year, if you allow yourself to dream big, because thinking it, and even just saying it out loud or typing it here, are the exciting first steps.

If you feel you’re seeking opportunities to play full out in a new way, then why not join me for a new sort of challenge to begin 2020?  I’m going to be running a FREE 31 day Mala meditation challenge.  Where I’ll be supporting you to get into the habit of meditating as a spiritual practice every day.  Sticking with something like this on a daily basis can be tough, however spiritual you consider yourself, so ding it as part of a group, with lots of guidance and support can make all the difference. I’ll be blogging more over the coming weeks about how life has changed for me since I made my own mala about 18 months ago, but in the meantime, if you’d like to join me to kick off the new year, you can join the challenge now, so you’re raring to go in the new year.

mala meditation challenge