What Happened In The Faery Fort

What Happened In The Faery Fort

Running my trainings and retreats in Ireland is a wonderful treat for me, that draws me deep into connection with my ancestral land.

As well as my qualifications as Firewalk instructor Trainer, Sweat Lodge Keeper, and advanced Shamanic Practitioner, one of the key things that underpins what I do is my personal experience with land and lineage, it underpins the very essence of what I do, and how I do it.

At my Firewalk Instructor Certification Training in West Ireland in 2019 I had a profound experience that I’d like to share with you. Here’s…

what happened in the Faery Fort

Where I run my training and retreats in County Mayo, West Ireland is a magical site.  We get to stay in Hobbit Holes and the place is steeped in myth, from ancient Celtic to Game Of Thrones.

Sitting above the site is a ring, or faery, fort, a mystical ancient ring of raised land where the wise woman would have gathered to work with their magik in times long gone by. You can feel the energy of it radiating out through the training rooms and land.  It’s quite magical and makes the site a great place for experiencing sacred moments and re-memberings.

On the last day of training in 2019 a group went up into the faery fort at lunchtime.

Amanda, from 7 Feathers in Canada, who was assisting me with training that year was among the group, and was being led by her divining rods to space in the circle.

The first visit to the faery fort

During their hour there the group had a powerful experience

Amanda went through the experience of giving birth. The others with her were able to support her with the pains and contractions that debilitated her as she connected with the history of the land they walked on in a very real way.

Afterwards, as they supported her to walk again, she had a second, similar experience, which she presumed was an echo through time of delivering an afterbirth.  The group concluded that the Faery Fort had been a space where the Doulas, the women who supported others in birthing, had worked.

There was also a Doula, Marie, in our group.

the second visit to the faery fort

The next day, when Firewalk Instructor Training had finished, a group of 4 of us returned to the Faery Fort.

 Amanda once again used her divining rods to allow us to be led through the trees. As we reached an area to one side, overlooking the training site, Amanda turned to me and said ‘The Grandmothers are here’, ‘they are telling us to bow to you’… 

Well, anyone who knows me will know that I don’t do people bowing to me! I was confused, and yet compelled to that area of land.

‘They are saying you were a teacher here who was taken too soon.’ shared Amanda.



I was able to spend some time there, gifting herbs and crystals to the land as I reconnected with those I had known, long before I had known this body, before we moved on, following Amanda guided by her rods.

As we reached the other side of the Faery Fort, we walked back and forth abit, as if looking for something we just couldn’t locate.

Then Amanda turned to me again and said ‘they’re telling me to give you the rods’.

I had never worked with divining rods before, and it took me a minute to get my energy into a place of alignment with them.  When I felt ready I followed the rods just a few spaces, before my legs collapsed from under me as my whole body buckled in complete grief. 

As I knelt on the ground wracked with tears the wind suddenly picked up out of nowhere and a small tree to my left started moving in the wind.  I put my hand up to the tree and felt a deep knowing that I my child was buried under the tree – taken from me, before I followed them on.

Returning to the Faery Fort

Due to Covid I haven’t been back to the site for a couple of years.

I’m looking forward to returning this May – after our time in the Faery Fort I could not help but notice the spot where I’d sat with the Grandmothers as I moved around the Hobbit Holes below.

Do you have a magical spot where you’ve experienced deep re-membering or reconnection too?

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What Is Imbolc And How Do You Celebrate?

What Is Imbolc And How Do You Celebrate?

Around the end of January you may see lots of posts of woven crosses, or that the wheel is turning. The festival of Imbolc is on its way…

But what actually is Imbolc, and how can you celebrate?

Falling on 1st-2nd February, Imbolc (also sometimes referred to as Imbolg) marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

The word Imbolc translates as in the belly of the Mother, because the festival is symbolic of the new life of spring starting to stir in the belly of Mother Earth, not yet ready to be birthed. The symbolism of pregnant Ewes is often used around the time of Imbolc because of this.

Imbolc is one of the four major Celtic Fire Festivals, and honours the Goddess Brigid. Once again tying in with the theme of preparing for new birth, Brigid is the Goddess connected with fertility and prophecy, as well as crafts, home healing, and poetry.

Brigid was so loved that her celebrations became woven into the Christian Celebration of St Brigit of Kildare, which they mark on the same date.  As one of the three patron saints of Ireland, excitingly Ireland has just announced this new date as a Bank Holiday in Ireland for future years.

How To Celebrate Imbolc

There are many ways you can celebrate Imbolc, both on your own and as part of a group – here’s some of my favourites…


As one of the major Fire Festivals, one of the best ways to celebrate Imbolc is with Fire.

Of course, if you are qualified to work with large fires you may find yourself leading a Ceremonial Fire for others, but there is nothing to say it has to be a fire like this! Burning candles around your home is also great.

The colour of candles associated with Brigid are usually white or green, though sometimes also red – think of what colours and fragrances make you think of the coming of spring for some inspiration if you’re not sure.

Make a Brigid’s Cross

There are lots of videos on Youtube etc on how to make a Cross Of Brigid from straw, reeds, and other natural materials.

The crosses are one of the simplest and most traditional ways of celebrating the day if you can source the materials to make your cross from.



Plant Seeds

Imbolc is all about preparing for the return of the light with the Spring on its way.

Plant some seeds, or spend time in your garden or allotment getting ready for the new life that will be with us soon.

This is also a great way of getting any family you may have involved in your Imbolc celebrations.

Water Your Intentions

Did you set some affirmations, goals, or intentions for the year? Now is the time to bring your mind back to them and think of how they might need a little nurturing ready for them to grow.

You might want to create a vision board, use tools like drums and rattles, or just meditate on the ideas you want to birth as the year moves on.



Pre-Spring Clean

With a focus on home and hearth, Imbolc is a great time to start your Spring-Cleaning.

If you’re not a domestic goddess we have something in common! But how about choosing one room or corner that you could prepare for your other celebrations, or decluttering a wardrobe or cupboard?

Even just clearing a space to burn your Imbolc candles is a great place to start.

With the preparation for new light and life to come, Imbolc is an exciting time

Whether you’ve celebrated Celtic festivals before, or this is your first time dipping your toe into re-membering the ways of our ancestors, I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration.

If you’re going to be celebrating Imbolc this year do please leave me a comment to let me know what you’ll be up to below.

Oh, and by the way…

I host a juicy, free, Facebook group, for folk like you – want to be a part of the Wild Soul Tribe and find your magik?

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