Sauna Vs Sweatlodge – which is right for you?

Sauna Vs Sweatlodge – which is right for you?

Sauna Vs Sweat Lodge ~ Which Is Right For You?

I quite often get asked what a Sweat Lodge is, the easiest way for me to describe the physical experience is that it’s like a sauna, but does that mean that if you enjoy a sauna at the spa you will benefit from coming along to a Sweat Lodge Ceremony? Read on to find out more…

Sauna at spa dayI love a day at the spa. It’s lovely to take the time to be pampered, maybe spend some time with my girl friends, and switch off from real life for a few hours. My personal favourite is to make use of the steam room, I love the feeling of the heat while I’m in there, and I find my skin always feels really clear and smooth afterwards. Especially if I follow it up with a facial afterwards.

It’s true that time at the spa offers the opportunity to be ‘in the moment’ much more maybe than day-to-day life does, and so the results are often just as therapeutic (if not more so) for mind as they are for body. Could this be the same effect that a Sweat Lodge Ceremony offers? Or is there more to it than that?

I believe that a Sweat Lodge offers  much more ~ here’s why…

It’s true that Sweat Lodges are held in many different traditions. I work in the tradition of the native Pueblo people of New Mexico, and that tradition and ritual helps to make the lodge a very powerful and impactful experience.

Th BN ze czoz rmf d tzs  ortz oz  zf z  s zz e DZ thd  Re lou DZngz rer byz BnB DZ wt th ads r BnB s du d asseae pool that you might find at the spa is left behind for the Sweat Lodge. We begin outside (come rain, come shine) to Sweat Lodgecomplete the building of the lodge, and when inside we sit on just a few ferns on the ground. Strengthening the connection to Mother Earth that the lodge provides.

It’s pitch black once inside the lodge, but, unlike the sauna or steam room where everyone seems to avoid eye-contact let alone talking to anyone, everyone takes a turn to share, or offer a prayer.

On the first round everyone often stays in their head, and maybe says what they think they should, but as the lodge gets hotter and hotter participants tend to look inside themselves more, and share what has the power to bring them emotional healing and breakthrough. The power of this is far more supercharged than the mindful moments a spa day offers.

One thing that people often have many questions about is that, unlike the spa day sauna, everyone is I invited to join us in the Sweat Lodge without clothes. There are many reasons for this, and I explain more about it in an earlier post.

Although I enjoy both experiences, I would say that the sauna and Sweat Lodge are worlds apart. The relaxation of the sauna, or spa day, is wonderful, and very valuable to many people. But the Sweat Lodge Ceremony offers a much more profound experience, where we are encouraged to look deep inside ourselves, and are able to be guided by the ancient traditions to enable us to do so.

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