October 28, 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Online via Zoom

Are you feeling ready for a winter of lockdown?

Or does the idea fill you with a sense of impending doom, leaving you easily triggered, disconnected from what’s important to you, and more than a little bit exhausted?


You’re not alone! And there is help available…

this is a great place to start

In this free webinar I’m going to be sharing some of the most powerful processes I have in my toolkit to enable you to not only survive lockdown, but use it as a time to reconnect with your joy.

This will be a power-packed hour, where we’ll take a deep dive into your personal power, healing, and growth. Drawing on a juicy variety of modalities, from neuroscience to shamanism, and mindset to meditation, turn up ready to expect things to shift.

This level of input and support is not available anywhere else, and is my gift to anyone that’s ready to step up for themselves, and those around them, during these challenging times.


Don’t miss this opportunity to thrive – reserve your place now.

Hey there! My name is Lottie Moore.

I help individuals who are feeling overwhelmed and stuck reconnect with what’s most important – nature, community, and self, by drawing on a powerful mixture of modern coaching, and healing from the old ways.

This webinar will show you how, and enable you to get started…