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In Scotland

Over New Year I was at a retreat at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland run.

The retreat was based around Shamanic teachings, and on the first day Stephen Mulhearn led us in a Shamanic journey, a kind of waking dream where we can seek guidance and inspiration.

The goal of this journey was to seek an ancient Celtic Druid, and ask them for a gift that would help us in our lives going forward.

The First Gift

When I found my Druid I asked them for a gift, and they gave me a traditional leather medicine bag, similar to those used by Native American Shaman.  I was excited to receive such a gift, and opened up my medicine bag excited to find out what was inside it…. It was empty.

I was a little disappointed to find that there was no medicine inside my medicine bag, and I pointed out to the Druid that it was empty.  Maybe he had made a mistake.

The Druid turned to me, and told me clearly ‘somebody here has what you need to put in your medicine bag.’  Great.

Not Knowing Where To Look

There must have been 30+ people at the retreat, I didn’t know where to start to find the person that would have what I was supposed to put in my medicine bag.  And the fact this had all happened within a journey, where nothing was ‘real’, not even my medicine bag, made me start to doubt myself too.

I mentioned to the few people in the room at the time what had happened, but I wasn’t holding out much hope of ever having anything to put in my medicine bag.


Nearly two days later someone approached me at the Retreat.  They thought they had something I might be looking for.

About 3 months ago, during a journey, their guide had given them a Golden Coin. The coin opened up, and was full of a Gold Healing Dust. When she had asked her Guide what she should do with it, they had told her that she would find out at New Year.

As she kept a journal of her Journeys, we were able to look back at dates, and comparing them to my WhatsApp messages, it became clear that she’d received the Gold Healing Dust on the same day I’d booked my place to attend the retreat.

Now What?!

It was wonderful to have found someone that seemed to have what I was supposed to put in my medicine bag, but now what?!

We would have to explore getting a completely metaphorical healing dust, into a completely metaphorical medicine bag – some might say this was all a little crazy, none of it actually existed. But of course it all came together when needed.

How I Came By By Gold Healing Dust

Somebody else on the retreat offered to drum for us as she journey to her Guide and asked if it was ok to give me some of the gold healing dust, which seemed free flowing and to never run out.

When she was given the go ahead from her guide, she found me in her journey, and poured some of the dust into my medicine bag.

I didn’t have to do anything – just lie down and listen to the drum.

What Now, Part II

Of course I now had a medicine bag of Gold Healing Dust I could use in my journeys. I’m still exploring how and when I use that. Leaning in to the guidance available to me, and seeing where it takes me.

It’s an exciting adventure,

As a reminder of the great gift I’ve received, and my ability to share that, the dust is a part of my first tattoo I had done a few weeks ago – I’m looking forward to seeing where my Gold Healing Dust takes me.