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Native American Full Moon Names & Their Meanings

I find the native American full moon names fascinating, yet they are also quite common sense as you look at the way we move through the year, in touch with the natural resources and seasons. I often try and tie in the timing of our events and ceremonies with the Full Moons, although this is not required, it is a powerful and positive thing to do, which is often very impactful for participants.

In many different cultures and belief systems the moon holds great power and authority, and, whether you hold with these beliefs or not, no-one could deny there is something wonderful about coming out of the Sweat Lodge under the light of the full moon. It is always something participants comment on, and we all always enjoy sitting eating supper beside the fire, by the light of the moon.

Just as the cycles of the moon control the cycles of so much that goes on within nature, the turning tides, and the rhythms of mother earth, so within the indigenous peoples she also impacted on planning, movement, and expectations.

Before the introduction of the Julian, or Gregorian calendar, the cycles of the moon were used to define different parts of the year.  Within the Native American tribes, not all tribes used the same names, but the principles of how the moons impacted on the people’s movements and lifestyles in the same throughout.

However, the old farmers almanac gives this information on the Full Moon Names taken from the names the Algonquin tribes of New England and Lake Superior used, and consequentially filtered into use by the Colonial Americans too.

I’d personally love to learn more about the Celtic Shamanic relationships with the full moons, so if you know more please leave a comment below so I can do some research on what you know too.

Full moon names and their meanings infographic

I hope you’ve found this infographic about full moon names interesting – if so, why not give it a share, so others can find out more too.