Firewalk Instructor Certification Training Wales

Firewalk Instructor Certification Training Wales

firewalk instructor certification training

~  with Lottie Moore 
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I’m thrilled you’re thinking of taking this opportunity to take part in our comprehensive training, which will leave you with everything you need to incorporate the firewalk and other powerful metaphor activities into your own events and training, with confidence and ease.
The ancient art of Firewalking is an incredibly powerful metaphor that has the ability to be deeply impactful for all those involved, and during this 6-Day stand-alone training you will master all the intricate details that make it such a dynamic and impactful tool for transformation.  Revolutionising the way you view yourself, the world, and your business.

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Miskin Manor Hotel, Near Cardiff, Wales


October 2022


EARLYBIRD pricing and  payment plans currently available

Firewalk Instructor Training coming to worldwide locations soon

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You Will Not Find Anything Like The Experience Of Training With Us Elsewhere

Training With Us: Your training will be delivered by Lottie Moore, Internationally acclaimed Reconnection Coach & Wild Soul Guide,and Jim Gardner, Toltec Shamanic Guide. Both SUNDOOR Certifying Firewalk Instructor Trainers,  you’ll be in good company when you decide to join us on this adventure of a lifetime that will lead to you gaining more bookings, more results for your clients, and more insight into how these incredible metaphors will serve you best going forward.

Benefit fully from their many years of experience leading others through reconnection & breakthrough, from the MoD, to the Volkswagon Camper… everyone has something to gain. You’re guaranteed to reach new levels of bliss, whether you have years of experience, or are just starting out, this training is guaranteed to raise your understanding of the world, along with your impact, and influence on it.

Certification: Certification for this Firewalk Instructor Training and Breakthrough Empowerment Coach course also includes SUNDOOR.  Certifying you in the lineage of Peggy Dylan, the Mother of the modern Firewalk movement.  You will not only leave authorized to conduct firewalks, rebar bends, and other powerful metaphor activities with your own groups. You will also have access to our exclusive graduates’ forums, which host tons of information, direct links to your peers, as well as online peer support.
Training In Wales: Our venue in Wales offers the opportunity to stay in the beautiful Miskin Manor and it’s glorious grounds enabling us to enjoy a rural setting on Celtic land where magic abounds, whilst still having good quality beds, bathrooms, and mod-cons…. Including Spa facilities for relaxation and processing time.

What others say

I highly recommend Firewalk Instructor Training with Lottie

As an experienced coach training with Lottie punctuated a new chapter and repositioned me as a coach who definitely knows their stuff.

I highly recommend this training if you’re looking to achieve a new level.

Marie J Taylor

Urban Earth Mother

Totally beat my Tony Robbins Firewalk hands down
Lottie delivered the preparation for the group effortlessly ~ supportive, fun, engaging, and informative.  The firewalk was something else.
Laura Evans

Unleash Your Potential

I Came Away Feeling Like A Warrior Queen
If you are looking for transformational self discovery and empowerment, then Lottie is your woman!
Esther Nagle

Balance and Breathe

Lottie offers exceptional training and mindset coaching

which allows you to step out of your comfort zone and realise your power and potential. You are in very safe hands.

Jo Baldwin-Trott

Jo Baldwin-Trott - Image Branding Consultant

Apply Now

If you’re ready to say YES to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity apply below now for your chance to join us and become Certified as a Firewalk Instructor – let’s work together to make this happen for you! The time you spend with us will not only transform your clients but transform your holistic practitioner and coaching career, as well as the way you view what you can create for yourself. Forever.

Payment plans are available for all budgets on request

you’ll become certified in…

All styles of fire walking

We are experienced in leading all styles of Fire Walking, and will be passing on our expertise to you. Including – Spiritual Firewalk, Empowerment Firewalk, Fire Walking with children, and Fire Dance.

Our training covers everything from types of wood, building a fire, preparing the coal beds, raking, tending fires, and protecting the ground, to firewalk safety, presentation skills, and workshop timing –

 We will give you as much personal experience with the fire as possible, and guide you through the process of becoming the best equipped, confident, capable and inspiring Firewalk Instructor you can be!


Glass walking is an incredibly powerful metaphor, taking you deep into the heart of mindful practice. You’ve heard clients talk about “walking on eggshells” to describe the fragility of some relationships. Glass walking empowers your client to be in the moment, to feel and then to adjust and move on. Something that they *know* they should do, but are stuck on. Glass walking is fully transportable, enabling you to work 1-2-1 or with a group to overcome hidden fears and deeper issues around the world.

Board breaking

As any high level martial artist will tell you – board breaking is an instant mindset win. You instantly refire your neural pathways for success. This powerful metaphor leaves the client feeling incredible as they realise they can break their limiting beliefs. Board breaking is a powerful way to free your clients from their past to achieve their goals.

Arrow breaking

If your client can’t get out of their own way then Arrow Breaking is perfect. To place an arrow at the base of your throat and then break it means opening up to your vulnerabilities. Within minutes your clients will break free of the negative mindset and self-sabotaging behaviours. Arrow breaking is about emotional responses and you won’t be surprised when your clients want to keep their arrow heads as a symbol of their success!


Additional high impact breakthrough activities

We don’t want to give everything away too soon… but you’ll be leaving with a massive toolkit of activities you can use in either individual or group work, to enable you to get the results you only dream of, for your clients and your business.

What others say

Genuinely one of the best courses

Genuinely one of the best courses I’ve attended in years and all down to the professionalism and personalities of you both

Kat Beaver

British Army

Lottie changed my life
I did the impossible.  Broke barriers, reframed, let go…

How many people do you know that can make that happen?  Lottie can.

Martin Seville

Empathy Coaching

The training content was outstanding

the tools, the skills, the space to reflect and work as a team. And have fun.

Training participant

Ministry of Defence

ready to get started?

while similar courses will have you carry out an activity once, then tell you that you are qualified to lead others through it, we will ensure you have all the input and support you need to be qualified, competent, confident, and legal to take these activities forward with your clients.

not just with this live training but throughout the whole holistic growth program we’re dedicated to supporting you make it happen

step 1

take part in the activity yourself

Whether you’ve done it before, or this is your first time, we’ll guide you through your fear to enable you to take part in each activity for yourself.  There may be a few sweaty palms, and racing pulses in the room, but this is your chance to experience each activity as your clients might.

step 2

practice leading the activity with others

With our expert support and mentoring, you’ll have as much time and opportunity as you need to practice leading each activity to get you to a place of confidence to take these forward in your own work.

This is your chance to perfect your patter, and find out what works (and what doesn’t), long before you take these activities before the public.

step 3

guidance for practical application

Which is the best metaphor for which occasion? And what is the best way to present it to be most impactful for different groups?

We’ll make sure you have all the answers to enable you to plan your own events with confidence and ease.

step 4

legals and documentation

We’ll make sure you’re really clear about what’s legal, how to get insured, and what’s best practice.

This will then all be added to your personal online resource library which, along with a plethora of other information, you can refer back to as often as you like.

Our training is the only place you'll find this level of support to growing your Holistic Business through marketing growth, personal growth, and impact growth....

Access to our incredible resource library. You’ll need information about insurance and other things after you’ve trained as a Firewalk Instructor and Breakthrough Empowerment Coach, as well as help getting all the resources in place to super-grow your Holistic Business.
Included for you

1-to-1 call with Lottie, before and after the training

1-to-1 mentoring for your first firewalk

EXCLUSIVE training from marketing and spiritual international leaders in their field

Included for you

FULL FOCUS on your skills leading to your success, in all areas of your business
Included for you

due to covid places on this training are highly limited, to avoid disappointment take the next step today…

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Want To Be Spiritual In Nature? Try This…

Want To Be Spiritual In Nature? Try This…

One of the key gateways for me to access my Spirituality, and deep-dive within it, is to be out in nature.

That can be everything from meditation, to re-kindling deep connection with my ancestors.  Although there are simple, key processes that can make this possible, it does involve intention (and often practice).

if you want to be spiritual in nature – try these.

singing algonquin water song

1. Set A Strong Intention

Next time you go for a walk, or are spending time in nature, set a strong intention that this is going to be part of your Spiritual practice.

Say it out loud to yourself, then write it down somewhere like your journal too – then expect yourself to follow through…and show up for that.

This might involve not listening to music but instead letting the sound of nature come to your ears, or chanting mantras to yourself while you’re out.  Think about what helps (and hinders) you from reaching a spiritually connected state and be prepared to put that into action as you’re out.

2. Bring Your Favourite Spiritual Practices Outside

This may be easier said than done.  What you might find easy in your own back garden, or within a group workshop, can make you feel quite self-conscious out on your own in public when you first start, but as it becomes part of your routine, it becomes more comfortable too.

I’ve found that Spirit usually offers a way through this, with other people mysteriously not being around, even on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and when they are I am always greeted with a smile too.

Think about what this would look like to you. Drumming? Meditating? Yoga? Take your spiritual practice from your living room to down by the river, and notice the difference.



3. Pay Attention & Expect Signs

Also known as Shamanic Journeying In The Middle World – while you’re out in nature expect signs from spirit, and treat what you notice or find as a gift for you.

This is actually how I do some of my Shamanic Healing work, and definitely how I walk out in nature all the time. Starting with initially setting my intention, everything that catches my eye, or comes to my path is a beautiful gift from Spirit and something I should pay attention to.

Heart shaped-stones, feathers from certain birds, bones from animals… The more you notice, the more you’ll notice.  Keep your eyes peeled, and don’t forget the all important gratitude for what finds you along your way.

4. Learn Some Outdoor Specific Spiritual Practices

This could be a little personal fire ceremony, or singing the Algonquin Water Song 

Or it could be something much bigger done with a group, such as a Sweat Lodge or a Firewalk

Most of our spiritual practices have their roots in the ways of our ancestors, before there were heated yoga studios with electric lights – find out more about how herbs, our own bodies, and alignment with nature were key elements of certain aspects of spirituality, and set out to learn how to practice one of those for yourself.



drumming to the water

Practicing Being Spiritual In Nature

Like most spiritual practices it can take time and commitment to build something that feels natural and enjoyable. Keeping track of how you’re doing can be a great reminder of how rewarding it is on days when you’re struggling to stick with it – why not try journaling for a few minutes after every time you have practiced your spirituality out in nature.

If you’re a coach or change maker, you may find specific training that enables you to support your clients through a deeper experience with nature really useful too.  That could be everything from Reconnection Coaching to Firewalk Instructor Certification Training.

Most importantly get out and get your feet on the land (even if they’re in welly boots while you do it!). Leave space for the Earth Mother to bring her teachings and deeper connection to you.

If you already love being spiritual in nature, I’d love to hear what works for you – feel free to leave me a comment below.



Oh, and by the way…

I host a juicy, free, Facebook group, for folk like you – want to be a part of the Wild Soul Tribe and find your magik?

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Learn The Algonquin Water Song

Learn The Algonquin Water Song

 what is the algonquin water song?


The Algonquin Water Song from the indigenous people of Canada, particularly for women to sing, to encourage and enable deep reconnection with the life blood of ourselves and the planet.

It is a beautiful practice of love and connection that can be used anytime you come into contact with water – the heart of your words is carried around the planet by the waters themselves, nowhere is left untouched by your love intentions.

Many people claim that the song has long historical significance, but it is actually only 20 years old this year (2022).


giving gratitude to the water

the history of the algonquins and the water song

The song was written by Irene Wawatie Jerome for Grandfather William Commanada’s 2002 Circle of All Nations Gathering.  The Wawatie and Commanda families wish for the song to be spread far and wide, encouraging particularly women to express gratitude for the water as they raise their vibration to that of the water which flows around the world.

The Algonquins are originally from the Southernmost region of Canada, but in modern times reside in 9 different communities in Quebec and Ontario. They call themselves Anishnabe, ‘original person’ as they do many other native tribes, and the word Algonquin which is now used among them is thought to originate from the French.


The Words Of The Algonquin Water Song

We are encouraged to share the lyrics Phonetically so that everyone can join the circle of singing, the words are:

Nee bee wah bow

En die en

Aah key mis kquee

Nee bee wah bow

Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey

Hey ha hey ya hey ya ho


The water is the life blood of Mother Earth

The Water that I carry is the blood of Mother Earth

The Water is the life blood of our Bodies

singing algonquin water song
drumming to the water

When To sing The Algonquin Water Song

You can sing the song anytime, but particularly when you are in contact with water.

Of course this can be beside a beautiful river, loch, or the sea, but it can also be when you are in the shower, or washing the dishes ~ water is our greatest gift from the earth mother, the more we express gratitude for the water the more we start to recognise the water in our lives.

How To Sing The Algonquin Water Song

We are encouraged to sing the song through 4 times, each time facing a cardinal point





I enjoy using a simple percussion as I sing, such as my drum.

There are lots of videos on Youtube if you want others to sing along with, this on is one of my favourites. 


Creating Change With The Algonquin Water Song

It is believed that the song is a powerful step towards creating change, enhancing both Spiritual and Environmental wellbeing across the planet ~ the world so much needs this medicine at the moment, I hope you will join the song and be part of the change we all play a part in creating.

Oh, and by the way…

I host a juicy, free, Facebook group, for folk just like you – want to be a part of the Wild Soul Tribe and find your magik?

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What Is Imbolc And How Do You Celebrate?

What Is Imbolc And How Do You Celebrate?

Around the end of January you may see lots of posts of woven crosses, or that the wheel is turning. The festival of Imbolc is on its way…

But what actually is Imbolc, and how can you celebrate?

Falling on 1st-2nd February, Imbolc (also sometimes referred to as Imbolg) marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

The word Imbolc translates as in the belly of the Mother, because the festival is symbolic of the new life of spring starting to stir in the belly of Mother Earth, not yet ready to be birthed. The symbolism of pregnant Ewes is often used around the time of Imbolc because of this.

Imbolc is one of the four major Celtic Fire Festivals, and honours the Goddess Brigid. Once again tying in with the theme of preparing for new birth, Brigid is the Goddess connected with fertility and prophecy, as well as crafts, home healing, and poetry.

Brigid was so loved that her celebrations became woven into the Christian Celebration of St Brigit of Kildare, which they mark on the same date.  As one of the three patron saints of Ireland, excitingly Ireland has just announced this new date as a Bank Holiday in Ireland for future years.

How To Celebrate Imbolc

There are many ways you can celebrate Imbolc, both on your own and as part of a group – here’s some of my favourites…


As one of the major Fire Festivals, one of the best ways to celebrate Imbolc is with Fire.

Of course, if you are qualified to work with large fires you may find yourself leading a Ceremonial Fire for others, but there is nothing to say it has to be a fire like this! Burning candles around your home is also great.

The colour of candles associated with Brigid are usually white or green, though sometimes also red – think of what colours and fragrances make you think of the coming of spring for some inspiration if you’re not sure.

Make a Brigid’s Cross

There are lots of videos on Youtube etc on how to make a Cross Of Brigid from straw, reeds, and other natural materials.

The crosses are one of the simplest and most traditional ways of celebrating the day if you can source the materials to make your cross from.



Plant Seeds

Imbolc is all about preparing for the return of the light with the Spring on its way.

Plant some seeds, or spend time in your garden or allotment getting ready for the new life that will be with us soon.

This is also a great way of getting any family you may have involved in your Imbolc celebrations.

Water Your Intentions

Did you set some affirmations, goals, or intentions for the year? Now is the time to bring your mind back to them and think of how they might need a little nurturing ready for them to grow.

You might want to create a vision board, use tools like drums and rattles, or just meditate on the ideas you want to birth as the year moves on.



Pre-Spring Clean

With a focus on home and hearth, Imbolc is a great time to start your Spring-Cleaning.

If you’re not a domestic goddess we have something in common! But how about choosing one room or corner that you could prepare for your other celebrations, or decluttering a wardrobe or cupboard?

Even just clearing a space to burn your Imbolc candles is a great place to start.

With the preparation for new light and life to come, Imbolc is an exciting time

Whether you’ve celebrated Celtic festivals before, or this is your first time dipping your toe into re-membering the ways of our ancestors, I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration.

If you’re going to be celebrating Imbolc this year do please leave me a comment to let me know what you’ll be up to below.

Oh, and by the way…

I host a juicy, free, Facebook group, for folk like you – want to be a part of the Wild Soul Tribe and find your magik?

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