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 Create  Breakthrough Coach Leadership Authority

 The complete guide to give you confidence creating authority in your field, that will take you from best kept secret, to a tribe of superfans, fast… without a constant social media struggle.


In This Value Packed Webinar, I’ll Give You…


  • The exact steps you need to follow to allow you to create breakthroughs your potential clients are yearning for right now… and get them raving about them on social media, so you don’t have to. Saving you hours of time & energy.


  • Instant confidence that EVERYTHING is covered , especially on the back of Coronavirus.  Allowing you to build your reputation in the marketplace, and stand out as a leader in your field. Fast.


  • Simple processes you’ll find keep you on track, whether you’re working on your own, or as part of a team. From marketing, through sales, and on to delivery. Effortlessly allowing you to raise your profile, profitability, & success.


  • Game-changing follow-up ideas to guarantee your client successes increase your longterm impact, income, and influence so that you gain full leverage, not just at the time, but throughout the moths that follow.


  • And so much more…

Hey there!  My name is Lottie Moore

I help coaches, spiritual practitioners, and changemakers, who feel like they are their industries best-kept secret, to stand out from the sea of competition.  Enabling them to build a tribe of raving supporters, in a smooth and super-fun way.

This webinar is packed with actionable information that will show you how…

Join the webinar to create game-changing breakthroughs for your clients, so that you stand out from the sea of competition…

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