It’s been a while some since I stopped by with a Weekend Wisdom post – Covid, post-covid fatigue, and family members in road traffic accidents knocked me off kilter for a while, I’m getting better at being protective of my own energy when I’m running on limited resources.

But… I’m back! Because each weekend, over on my Instagram, I lean into what the collective needs for the week, and pull an oracle card to represent that.

This week the card


from Denise Linn’s Native Spirit Oracle found me.

The accompanying booklet shares: Your native spirit wants you to know – In indigenous traditions, there is a concept of the trickster.  In Native American traditions, the trickster is often depicted as a wily coyote, but sometimes the trickster is a human called Heyoka.

There is a lighthearted, fun aspect of the trickster, but there’s also the caution to tread carefully because things are not always as they seem.

Be discerning.  What appears to be a good opportunity may, in fact, not be. 

The wonderful aspect of this card choosing you is that it offers the opportunity to step out if old, outmoded ways of perceiving yourself.  The Trickster allows you to see yourself in an entirely new way and asks you to step out of old routines and habits that might be keeping you stagnant.

I love the way this card calls us to examine the ways we are tricking ourselves, rather than always looking to outside influences.


Here’s what it says to me…

Having just returned from training a group of amazing medicine women as Certified Firewalk Instructors, I witnessed great transformation, both inside them, and inside myself.

Tricking ourselves is one of the easiest things our brains can do to protect us from perceived failure, pain, and struggle.. and yet inside ourselves is often the last place we look to find The Trickster.  Yet when we actively seek the Trickster inside we open ourselves up to the transformation that can form dreams into realities. as well as open our eyes to the external Trickster too.

How can you respond?

Something like the events I run can be a great space to look inwards for your own Trickster, but there are also practices you can do at home that will get you started – why not think of an area of life where you tell yourself ‘that’s just the way I am’ and see if you can spot the Trickster in the midst.

  1. Set some time aside – maybe an hour, maybe a whole afternoon.  Block out the amount of time that feels right to you and that your schedule will allow.
  2. Gather what will help you – have a notebook and pen handy to make some notes as you go through if it’s helpful to you
  3. Remove distractions – pop your phone and any other distractions out of reach. Turn the wifi and data off on your phone so it doesn’t give a ping, and leave pets, children, and partners outside the door.
  4. Question your Trickster – why do I believe that about myself? Where did this belief initially come from?
  5. Forgive yourself – observe your answers with compassion.  find the answers within yourself with clarity, but not with judgement.
  6. Write down your new commitment – make a commitment to yourself to be on the lookout for the Trickster in that situation if (and when) it occurs again – tell the Trickster you know they’re there now and will be keeping an eye out for them.

What Does The Trickster Mean To You?

Feel free to leave me a comment below on how the Trickster card met with you.

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