Each weekend, over on my Instagram, I lean into what the collective needs for the week, and pull an oracle card to represent that.

This week the card


from Michelle A Motuzas’s Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards found me.

The accompanying booklet shares: Forgive yourself for trusting others and getting hurt, for not knowing, for not seeing, for not believing.  

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, whether that’s forgiveness of others or ourselves, and this card had chosen a powerful time for us to utelise that gift.


Here’s what it says to me…

I once heard forgiveness likened to going fishing, and the description has stuck with me ever since… Even though I’ve never actually been fishing!  When we hold a grudge against someone, or struggle to offer deep forgiveness without expectation, that person has us hooked, just like a fish hook sits in the side of a fishes mouth.  Soon after the fisherman will forget all about the missing hook and the fish it sits in, but the fish is left with the constant reminder.

If left, the hook will fester and cause a constant throbbing and rottenness of infection throughout the whole body of the fish. When we go through a process of forgiveness, even though it might seem painful at the time, the festering hook is removed, and the experience of it throughout the body is healed. In this way, forgiveness is not about letting somebody else (the fisherman, or woman) off the hook, it’s actual about letting ourselves off the hook, and creating deep healing for our whole.


How can you respond?

We are entering into a magical time when no planets are in retrograde – it’s an important time that we can leverage for our own manifestation and creating of the life we want.  There is no better time than now to remove the blocks and the festering fish hooks from our lives

  1. Set some time aside – maybe 10 minutes, maybe an hour.  Block out the amount of time that feels right to you and that your schedule will allow.
  2. Gather your favourite cleansing tools – for me this is sage and feathers, but Agua De Florida, or sound chimes will work just as well.
  3. Let your mind focus on what could be causing a festering throughout your being– enquire kindly of yourself, without any judgement or resentment for what comes up.
  4. Say out loud – I create forgiveness for myself. I choose to be off the hook from carrying this burden. I am free from the pain this has created. I forgive with grace and ease.
  5. Use your cleansing tools – in the way that feels right for you.
  6. Repeat 3-5 – Go through the process as often as you need, each time feeling for a relief from what has been festering within.


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