Each weekend, over on my Instagram, I lean into what the collective needs for the week, and pull an oracle card to represent that.

This week the card

Vision Quest

from Denise Linn’s Native Spirit Oracle found me.

The accompanying booklet shares: Your native spirit wants you to know – when this card chooses you, it’s telling you to take time away from ordinary life. Take time to explore the depths of your soul. The answers to your questions are all around.

I was surprised/not surprised at all when this card came to me!


Here’s what it says to me…

I am just in the process of booking a trip to California in September (more of that soon) which includes a Vision Quest in the mountains, so on a personal level, this card gave me a chuckle as well as some confirmation.

A theme that has been coming to me again and again recently is that what we all seek is found inside ourselves.  We may gain insights and clues from nature, readings, pendulums etc, but actually, if we take time to listen in, all we need is already there.

The Vision Quest card seems to really speak into that – when was the last time you sat quietly and expected wisdom and clarity to come to you?

I know for myself, if I’m honest,  my expectation of what I’m seeking revealing itself to me during a meditation time (as opposed to a time when I’m working intuitively) is actually quite low.

I can often expect finding the answers to take work, and patience, and more work… but this card seems to be whipering to us all that if we apply the patience, what we’re seeking is ready to reveal itself to us.

How can you respond?

You don’t need to go to California for a month to work with Native Shaman to have your own personal Vision Quest – here’s what you can do at home this week

  1. Set some time aside – maybe an hour, maybe a whole afternoon.  Block out the amount of time that feels right to you and that your schedule will allow.
  2. Gather what will help you – you don’t technically *need* anything, but having a few items at hand that are symbolic or meaningful to you will definitely help get you in the right frame of mind to begin. Candles, pictures of your deity, items from nature, think about what is special to you.
  3. Soften your senses – burn some incense, wear soft clothing, have the lights dimmed.  Think of ways that you can leave your senses ready to being heightened and open to other things.
  4. Remove distractions – pop your phone and any other distractions out of reach. Turn the wifi and data off on your phone so it doesn’t give a ping, and leave pets, children, and partners outside the door.
  5. Have a notebook and pen handy – write down anything that comes to you.  Try not to overthink things just take what come to you as an important sign you need to pay attention to.
  6. Be ready to be surprised/not surprised by what comes to you.

What Does Vision Quest Mean To You?

Feel free to leave me a comment below on how the Vision Quest card met with you.

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