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What Exactly IS A Sweat Lodge?

I often get asked why people would want to take part in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony. In fact, lots of people are unsure what the ceremony is, and ask ‘what is a sweat lodge?’ when I tell them it’s something we offer. So today is part 1 of a series, looking at what a Sweat Lodge is (and isn’t), and what it can (and can’t) do.

Sweat Lodge

The Importance Of Ritual During A Sweat Lodge

Although the physical experience is much like a sauna, the ceremony itself offers a much more impactful experience, involving ritual and ceremony that can be deep-reaching for all those involved.  Most of the people that come along to our sweat lodges are searching…. for connection, cleansing, releasing of old patterns and behaviours, answers, healing, renewed intentions. Many aren’t sure what they are searching for, but generally realise afterwards that they found what they were looking for anyway.

History Of The Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Indigenous communities from around the globe have been practicing sweat lodges for thousands of years, this means that you will find differences in the way lodges are built, and how ceremonies are conducted, if you attend lodges run by different lodge keepers – I was trained in the lineage of the Pueblo people from Taos New Mexico.  This means that our ceremonies are authentic to the rituals they followed.

Throughout different traditions the sweat lodge also goes by different names – you may have heard terms such as Inipi, Temazcal, and Sauna Sagrada, all in relation to the lodge.  The key thing when thinking of taking part in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony is to check that it is being run in an authentic tradition for it to be most impactful for you.

What The Space Of A Sweat Lodge Creates

The experience of the sweat lodge ceremony enables us to let go of behaviours that don’t serve us – when you let go of your control,  judgement, arrogance, hostility, defensiveness, and resistance, space is created for you to experience the more positive and fulfilling aspects of self.  You become ready to surrender.

Shamanic Sweat Lodge Ceremony

So, if you ever hear someone ask ‘what is a sweat lodge?’  You should now be able to let them know something about the history of the lodge, and how the tradition has been carried forward.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be looking in more detail at why sweat lodges have been introduced into mainstream therapies around the world, and what happens in more detail at the ceremonies we run – I hope you’ll join me to find out more.

And if you’re sitting there thinking you’d really like to experience the sweat lodge ceremony first hand then why not join me at one this year in Lancaster and County Mayo.  You can sign up for my monthly events newsletter, to stay in the loop, here.